Cutting-edge iot solution provider and it development for industry 4.0
Advanced vibration, motion, temperature monitoring systems
Our complete Industry 4.0 Digitalisation platform with data tracking smart devices and process analytics,
reveal machine performance and product quality to make effective change.
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A new approach to shopfloor innovation

We understand the operational needs of production and the importance to maintain quality and keep machines running.

Our lean approach ensures only effective change is pursued and work with operators, foremen and end users to implement solutions.

The PulseLabs offering is built upon Cloud based technologies, low-cost retrofit sensing devices and open innovation practices which help firms make effective change, at lower risk and giving a competitive edge.

Where to start with your digital shop floor challenges?

  1. Schedule a call with our team and find out how we can help your production
  2. Trial our retrofit smart machine monitor, the Pulse Checkmate
  3. Kickoff with a dedicated workshop to inspire your team and let us map your value stream to our Cloud platform
  4. Join our partner Living Lab Program and get ongoing support with your shopfloor IoT deployments
  5. Make change with Lean Six Sigma DMADV & DMAIC projects backed by our data-driven services and built-in analytics
Checkmate - The smart simple to fit machine monitor for remote vibration, humidity & temperature analysis
A clever sensor that watches your machines when you’re not there, and can tell you when things change
Pulse IoT Cloud & App
A complete Industry 4.0 Digitalisation platform for digital twins, telemetry storage, visualisation and more. Powered by Microsoft Azure
Industrial Internet Playground - A Living Lab Program to experience Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things
In under one week our team work with you to solve major data collection challenges and create phsyical devices and apps to help you win.
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